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Speech Therapy

Speech/Language Pathology

Speech Therapy is available to patients who have speech and language deficits, swallowing difficulty, cognitive/linguistic decline, dysfluency, and vocal disfunction. These conditions can be found in new-born infants to the elderly. Patients with varying disorders such as autism, dementia, and aphasia/stroke often seek treatment from a speech therapist/language pathologist.

Clarinda Regional Health Center employs a full-time speech therapist. In addition to conducting assessment and treatment of speech and language deficits, our speech therapist is available to conduct physician referred Modified Barium Swallow Studies through CRHC's Radiology Department.

Travis Miller, Certified Speech Pathologist, received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Iowa and his Master of Science in Speech/Language Pathology from the University of Southern Mississippi. Mr. Miller is seeing patients in Clarinda on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For more information, contact our Speech Therapy department at (712) 542-8224. Most appointments are by physician referral.